The development of WAS’s Smart Auto Matching Technology (SMATIC) mod, patent pending. Its goal was to simplify the customers understanding of Ohms law and its appropriate application. There is also the combination of Ohms law with thermodynamics that takes place during vaping, beyond the highly informed vaper, not many people truly understood how to set the battery output to match the coil. This lack of technical knowledge forces consumers to constantly change temperature variables in search of the perfect vape. All of this experimentation leaves liquid companies to grapple with inconsistent flavor profiles, burnt coils or too high of a temperature for the flash profile point or the boiling point of the liquid formulation.

The new mod devices read the coil resistance, setting up the perfect vaping parameters automatically. “This is where they differ from other products. When the SMATIC device reads the coil resistance it then sets the output mode so the hardware is configured to vape a liquid according to ohms laws. This is just the beginning as this setting prevents the excessive heating of coils that burn out very quickly, saving consumers both coil and battery life, as well as flavor profiles and money.”

The first in the line of the Optimum products is the SMATIC 30. The 30-watt device is designed to be used with a tank and coil setup between 0.5-5.0 ohms. It has a 510 thread so any tank with a corresponding thread can be used. It will automatically read the tank and coil size and set the right configurations for vaping. The 2200 mAh battery is fairly light at 4oz without a tank attached. The device was the first in the WAS line that was gaining traction in vape shops. A number of them found the 30-watt device to be a bit small until we convinced them to replace their testers with the new mod, he says. This has been a huge success and the flavors are that much richer for the taster. But we recognized that we needed a higher output device, and had one designed.

Just in time for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Aug. 8 deadline, WAS launched the SMATIC 70-watt mod. Now a serious mod user will find the 30 watt to be a great vape but in case they want more power, we offer the SMATIC 70 which is a 70 watt device that is married with a temperature control feature and will set up the device between the two modes seamlessly for the users.Thinking it could go further to better the consumer experience, WAS soon released the Storm X2 tank to go with its revolutionary new mods. To that end we have launched 2 new lines before the August 8th deadline, the SMATIC 70W and the new pen-style Nano. We took all the technology designed in the 30W and 70W devices and we built that into the pinnacle of pen devices. The company also launch its own e-liquid tankcalled the Storm X2, with numerous coil options made of either kanthal or nickel.

WAS vapor products are now available in a steadily growing number of vape shops across the U.S. The company does not currently sell direct to the consumer, instead deciding to work with its partners: the vape store owners.  We have much more technology to build into our devices but will not be able to launch here in the U.S. due to current FDA regulations, and we will continue to fight for our right to develop new technologies. We are working on building relationships internationally to introduce the newer updates in other countries that can be brought to the U.S. when/if regulations ease.

All our products are covered by product liability insurance