After an established vapor company left What A Smoke customers searching for a supplier in 2008, the company decided to develop its own innovative products.

Adversity is the true mother of invention. It wasn’t “necessary” for What A Smoke vapor products, to create our own lines of e-liquid and hardware, however, it was the only way to guarantee our customers would never again be left without any product on their store shelves.

In 2008, WAS had an agreement to sell the ciga-like products of one of the first major vapor companies in the U.S. That was until the bigger vapor company signed a national agreement with a large distributor that effectively left WAS customers without a supply to the e-cigarettes they sold to smokers trying to quit smoking cigarettes. We knew we needed a new way to guarantee customers a steady supply of top-quality products.

A few months later, the WAS Optimum line was born. We originally started with a ciga-like product that we sold online and in convenience stores, mostly mom-&-pop shops and small chains. But as the vape industry expanded and morphed into the mods and personal vaporizers with e-liquids that came in bottles instead of the cartridges our customers were used to. We started providing bottled liquids, but we were not happy with the way the products were being used.

We wanted to try and develop a product that WAS customers could use that was simple; an uncomplicated device. The first WAS ciga-like products were a closed system that included fixed power and output settings, making it simple to determine where they needed to be set based on WAS liquid formulations. Unlike ciga-likes, the liquid utilization in variable devices was all over the place. The consumer had no idea where to set it. It was basically a hit or miss on whether vapers would get the best possible flavor profile.

This led to the development of WAS’s Smart Auto Matching Technology (SMATIC) mod, patent pending. Its goal was to simplify the customers understanding of Ohms law and its appropriate application. There is also the combination of Ohms law with thermodynamics that takes place during vaping, beyond the highly informed vaper, not many people truly understood how to set the battery output to match the coil. This lack of technical knowledge forces consumers to constantly change temperature variables in search of the perfect vape. All of this experimentation leaves liquid companies to grapple with inconsistent flavor profiles, burnt coils or too high of a temperature for the flash profile point or the boiling point of the liquid formulation.

What A Smoke from its beginning days has been involved in industry advocacy. We originally had our products confiscated by the US Customs agency. This lead to meeting with legislators and politicians to protect the rights of those that seek and alternative. It has been a long road and we will continue to fight as long as we can.